CTIFREE FX 991ES Plus Scientific Calculator 417 Functions In 1




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Product Description

  • Fraction and Square Root
  • Trigonometry Table
  • Statistical Calculations
  • Equation Calculations
  • Complex Number Calculations
  • Matrix Calculations
  • Vector Calculations
  • Differential and Numerical Integration calculations
  • 40 Scientific Constants 4
  • 0 Metric Conversions
  • Multi-Replay Function
  • Standard Decimal Conversion
  • Natural Textbook Display Features
  • Natural Textbook Display format for displaying equations and calculation results just as they appear in textbooks.
  • Natural V.P.A.M. Design
  • Simple and easy to use Optimal education tools are realized through a design that emphasizes comfort in the hand, legibility, and usability through the pursuit of simplicity. More comfortable in the hand
  • A rounded design that fits naturally in the hand and a slim body that’s comfortable to hold.
  • Attachable and detachable in any direction
  • The hard case that’s attachable and detachable in any direction for greater ease of use.
  • More legible
  • The keys have been made rectangular, making them easier to press. They are also easier to read because of the larger text.
  • Easier to use Highly visible, easy-to-press cursor keys and function keys.
  • Authentic Quality
  • Excellent quality and authentication ensure confidence and peace of mind for use in educational settings.
  • Tough & Sustainable CTIFREE has established three criteria to ensure excellent quality in the ES PLUS series:-
  • 1. Wear-resistant printing 2,000-cycle wear testing: Since ES PLUS calculators are products used for many years as learning tools, the keys are made of a material that offers high durability and resistance to print peeling.
  • 2. Drop-resistant body Drop testing from a height of 75 cm: The high product quality prevents malfunction or breakage when a calculator is dropped.
  • 3. Environmentally friendly Compliant with RoHS environmental regulations: The materials used in ES PLUS series calculators comply with European RoHS environmental regulations, an international standard.
  • Comes with Slide-On Case
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