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Plextone EX3 LED Semiconductor Magnetic Plate Radiator Cooler For iPad Android Tablet



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Product Description

  • 25W overclocking Cooling
  • 93mm large diameter
  • Larger cooling area
  • Blue Light Funcooler
  • Lightweight design
  • Fist size radiator, Experience extreme low temperature With a diameter of 93mm, it is specially designed for flat panel, Quickly taking away heat and improving efficiency by 150%
  • .Blue light heat sink, innovative air duct design, Quickly take away heat, reduce noise, suitable for late night immersive games.
  • Two levels of temperature regulation
  • Built in two levels of temperature regulation, it can switch between extreme cold mode and overclocking mode.
  • 40x40mm big semiconductor, Quickly reduce the temperature and improve the cold heat conversion efficiency.
  • Super magnetic attraction, lightweight design, supports most tablet computers in the market such as iPad pro/air4/mini6
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