6LED Vibrant Solar Powered Outdoor Waterproof Garden Lights




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Product Description

  • Designed to provide you unique vibrant garden solar lights.
  • With the wind looks like a cluster of fireflies flying in the courtyard.
  • Your neighbors will be envious on your garden with them.
  • Easy to install, no cables or plugs required, just plug it into the included metal bar,turn on switch 1 or 2 and plant in the garden. 
  • The solar panel of firefly lights is made of monocrystalline silicon, which has higher electrostatic conversion rate (20%) than other solar cells.
  • The solar lantern can work for 8-12 hours after being fully charged. 
  • The pathway light is IP65 waterproof design which can fearless blooming in hot, rain, cold, snow and frost.
  • This Solar outdoor lights can bring wonderful light to create a romantic and festive atmosphere.
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