55W Car Mounted Mobile Phone Charger QC3.0 USB Type-C




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Product Description

  • Multi Interface: Phone charger has QC3.0 USB + Type-c + USB2.0.
  • The interface is activated at the same time, with a built-in management chip, an intelligent switch and fast charging without damage to the device.
  • Durable material: the vehicle mounted cargo is made of aluminum alloy material and efficient housing design through 18 processes including CNC processing, polishing, sandblasting, oxidation, and radium carving.
  • Safety protection: the vehicle mounted mobile phone charger adopts performance master control 5-layer circuit protection, making it safer to use together.
  • Carrying 12V/24V wide voltage input: The fast charging charger has a metal contact elastic design, which is suitable for different sizes of lighters.
  • It can carry 12V/24V wide voltage input, and is compatible with most models on the market
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Out Power: 55W
  • Model Name: Car Charger
  • Item Size: 75*38*38mm
  • Item Weight: 45g
  • Housing Material: Computer Flame Retardant Material
  • QC3.0 :9V 12V -1.8A
  • Power: 5V-3.1A
  • USB:5V-3.1A
  • Product weight: 45g
  • Product size: 75*38*38mm/2.9*1.4*1.4in
  • Applicable model: General
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