N3 Mobile Phone Radiator Semiconductor Fast Cooler


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Product Description

  • Fast Heat Dissipation: This mobile phone radiator uses a semiconductor cooler and a 5500 RPH turbo fan to cool down in a second and ensure a stable live streaming or gaming experience.Prevents your phone from heating up and extends the life of your phone and battery.
  • Easy to carry: This phone cooler is small, lightweight and slim (46 grams). It can be used anywhere. It does not bring a heavy feeling when equipped and does not affect any operation.
  • No vibration and no noise: The mobile cooler temperature drop is up to 24°C for a single unit and up to 28°C for the central area on the back of the phone, keeping your phone at around 25°C during long hours of operation. Fast rotation speed and low to inaudible sound.
  • Wide application: Works with all models of 4-6.8 inch iPhone/Android phones, even if your phone is wearing a case, the cooling feature is still available. Long service life.
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