NS1587BT Solar Bluetooth FM Radio With Torch Light




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Product Description

  • The NNS Solar radio is a wonderful device, full featured yet affordable, convenient yet very portable.
  • To start with, this special radio is a SOLAR radio. It can can run on electricity, and on batteries but it features a solar panel. This is great because so long as there is sun, you have got music!
  • One of the most useful features it has is that it can allow you to connect to your phone or tablet and listen to music or audio via BLUETOOTH
  • A Flash disk and Micro SD (TF Card) interface so that you can listen to MP3/WMA musi
  • BLUETOOTH connectivit
  • A 1000mAH Battery that can last a long while and at its end of life can be easily replaced with variants in the marke
  • A bright torch
  • Its small size makes it handy to carry around and since it has all these great features, it is a must have for many households and groups of individuals. It has crystal clear sound, a great build and the solar panel makes it a must have.
  • Make sure you get this radio for yourself and even better get this as a gift for a friend or relative!
  • Features a solar panel for charging the battery
  • USB & MICRO SD (TF Card Slot) for MP3 playback
  • Bluetooth connectivity to connect to your phone or tablet
  • The ability to use internal lithium batteries or ordinary external batteries
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