M9 Audio Interface Sound Card Live Voice Mixer External USB Sound Card Multiple Effects Mixer Board




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Product Description

  • Multi- function tuning sound card, complete functions, simple operation, easy to use, built- in lithium battery. universal for mobilephones and computers.
  • Adjustable high/middle/ low p-itch, the high p- itch makes the sound full and c- lear with a sense of penetration, the middle p- itch makes the sound ray more stable, and the bass is cleaner and transparent.
  • One- button elimination of the sound, effectively eliminating the singing voice, the sound is clearer and more p- enetrating during live broadcast. Live broadcast mode, can be switched with one button, easy to deal with various occasions, let you be more professional in live broadcast.
  • Electronic tone, professional- level electronic tone adjustment, customized and personalized different electronic tone, change different sounds.
  • Automatically recognize the sound, intelligently reduce the v- olume of background music.
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