FIFINE Wireless Karaoke Microphone Handheld Mic With Speaker Bluetooth For Party




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Product Description

  • A portable karaoke microphone can help you enjoy your party time.A portable karaoke microphone can help you enjoy your party time because it has a speaker. After simple operation of the microphone, you can turn on your karaoke mode in the party.
  • Use a fifine E2 karaoke microphone and a Bluetooth compatible mobile phone. You can play the music you want when you have successfully connected your phone to the microphone. Open the microphone Bluetooth mode, find the name of “fine microphone” on the phone, and click it to complete the operation.And it also have a Line in mode for song recording.
  • Just click “M” to change your voice. The microphone has four sound modes: “female”,”male”, “kind” and “monster”. Turning off the voice change mode will play your original voice.
  • Colorful light effects can add some atmosphere to the party. The microphone provides three light effect modes: Dynamic multi color gradient, Cyclic decomposition Red/blue/green
  • Dynamic solid color gradient. You can switch RGB mode by pressing the “M” button for 3 seconds.
  • Built in battery, the microphone can last for 5 hours when fully charged, allowing you to carry it anywhere. It is completely suitable for camping, picnicking and outing with friends and family.
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