6 Colors Hair Chalk Set Temporary Color Safe Washable Hair Dye Fit For Party & Cosplay



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Product Description

  • The unique design of hand-holding prevents hair stains on the hands and clothes during the dyeing process. It is more convenient and comfortable to use.
  • You can easily enjoy the beauty and happiness brought by your temporary hair products.
  • Comes with a combing function to solve the problems of uneven coloring, easy lumping, and injury of common Hairing products on the market.
  • Uniform depth of three-dimensional color, reduce the damage to the hair, make your hair more supple in the hair dyeing process.
  • Water-soluble hair cream, green, in line with FDA certification standards, bright colors, easy to paint, easy to clean, no wet hair, light comb to color.
  • Package: 6 pcs
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