Poree PS163 High Grade Mens Waterproof Shaver



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Product Description

  • Strong 5W power is suitable for all types of beards, especially hard beards and beards, the PS163 Shaver can handle them smoothly.
  • Just apply all 3 shaving heads to the area with the beard and move gradually.
  • The razor blade is self-sharpening and self-sharpening when operating, so the FR08 blade and blade assembly must be replaced 2 years later, saving costs.
  • Smooth operation and extremely low noise create a comfortable feeling when shaving The LED display screen shows the number of minutes of use (60 minutes) when fully charged.
  • In particular, the LED light will run continuously for a number of minutes when charging, and flash when the number of minutes is less than 5 minutes.
  • Full body water resistance IPX7 standard Travel lock technology, child safety.

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