LDX 877 Extension Pole With 1/4″ Universal Screw Mount



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Product Description

  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Net Weight: Approx.134g
  • Unexpanded Length: Approx.19cm
  • Expanded Length: Approx.72cm
  • Segments: 4
  • Compatible with: Gimbal and other device with 1/4″ screw mount
  • Aluminum alloy material, stable & durable
  • Bottom 1/4 nut hole, can be connected to a tripod
  • Retractable 4 height, free adjustment for more perspective
  • Handle surface special handling, comfortable grip
  • In view of the relatively popular three-axis stabilizer in the market, the extension rod developed, the pan/tilt interface is a 1/4″ screw interface, and is also the international standard size.
  • This extension rod mainly serves to extend the length of the stabilizer and can be screwed to the bottom of the stabilizer.
  • The connection can be stretched for a longer length, to achieve long-distance shooting of the sights, to make up for the shortcomings of the stabilizers of the machine itself.
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