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Premium Quality 100 LED Solar Lights For Garden LED Security Lamp

Original price was: ₨750.Current price is: ₨650.

Original price was: ₨750.Current price is: ₨650.

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Product Description

  • Note:- Light can be only operated in night it has Sensor on top of the body When sensor detect darkness then and then only light will Glow.
  • Use Method:
  • 1)For charging the built in battery, please set lamp in the place with direct sunlight
  • 2)The strong sunlight can be covered into solar energy in amore efficient way.
  • 3) Used in the place where the light required , such as path, garden and backyard etc Long press for 1 sec to enter mode
  • 1: Pattern 1-Human body induction mode( the lamp will be on when people come, and the lamp will be off after the people have left for 15 sec.).
  • Pattern 2-Human body interaction + slight light mode(the lamp will be on when people come, lamp will be slight after the peoplehave left for 15 sec, and lamp will be on again when people come
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