T-wolf TF200 Wired Keyboard And Mouse Kit Gaming LED Backlight



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Product Description

  • The laser engraved hollow, luminous characters, the keycaps are treated with the laser engraved hollow process, which is durable and not easy to wear, and the characters are transparent.
  • Manipulator feel, floating keycap, ergonomics, floating keycap design, fast response, strong button rebound, strong manipulator feel.
  • Cool equivalent display, cool rainbow backlight effect, support 1 switch power light function, and show its essential beauty in the non-light state that you need.
  • Frosted texture, high and low cap design, comfortable touch and crisp percussion sound.
  • Waterproof gaming keyboard, the keyboard adopts a front waterproof design, with drainage holes at the bottom to prevent liquid splashing.
  • Anti-skid roller frosted surface cover, mouse surface cover adopts frosted texture, soft touch, and comfortable anti-skid roller to make your control more stable and reliable.
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